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Yousician is an app that teaches you to sing, play the guitar, bass, ukulele or piano like a professional. It listens to you play and gives real-time feedback. Keeps you engaged and productive with gamification techniques.

I worked there as a technical designer.


I worked as a one-man team making stand-alone ear training games for the app.

Using Yousician requires an instrument, and the idea was to give users other activities that could help with their musicality while they are away from their instrument.

Note-Finder would play a specific note and you had to find it by dragging through the scale until you heard the matching sound.


The idea was meant as a trainable skill, that you could improve, so the design was about finding notes in a specific amount of time, and it would track your statistics and improvement progress


I also made an “Ear Puzzle” game without any time constraints in which you have to discover a melody by dragging the individual notes around.

The notes are connected by indicators saying if the pitch goes up, down or stays the same. You tap each note to hear it. Hitting play will go through all the notes in order and stop if a note doesn’t meet the connection requirements.


Puzzles start easy, you only need to arrange the notes in ascending pitch order. But eventually the puzzles get harder by the pitches being closer together and the connections getting increasingly complicated.


I made a dozen of prototypes to train people to distinguish notes from each other, call and response mechanics, finding a note in a string, etc.

I always started proving the ideas with post-its and actual instruments. This picture shows the very first version I did of the Ear Puzzle concept.

People had to arrange the post-its in ascending order, I would each time play the notes in order from my ukulele, until they got it right.