designer, photographer, artist




2014 - 2016

Winterstate is a single-player tactical combat trading game. In which you are tasked with scrapping resources in the frozen post-apocalypse.

I worked as a game designer in the project.


The main gameplay consists of real-time tactics: You “paint” the paths of your combat vehicles with your finger and they follow the path and attack enemies as they come in range.

Maps and vehicles were designed and balanced with this mechanic in mind, allowing multiple ways to approach a situation. Getting behind trees with with your ranged units or using fast vehicles to flank enemy artillery.


Cars have special abilities like shielding, throwing explosives, calling an air-strike, using a combat drone, etc.

You have to collect energy strategically placed in the map to power these abilities. So a player would take the layout and placement of these into consideration when entering a skirmish.


There is a strategic map layer in the game in which you liberate different locations to produce resources for you. You can trade/sell resources for money or use for crafting better equipment for your vehicles in combat.

As you do more skirmishes you gain experience and level up, unlocking more vehicles and crafting options.


You can swap weapons, abilities and drivers on all vehicles. Customizing your convoy load-out for each specific fight.

You use real money to skip timers and to buy missing crafting materials to progress faster in the game, or to overcome spikes in difficulty.