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Gangs of Boomtown


Gangs of Boomtown

Digital Chocolate, 2011

Social game take on the Spaghetti Western theme. Boomtown was an idyllic and peaceful settlement on the edge of the frontier – until the ruthless Assassins Gang rode into town and wreaked havoc. 

I worked as a game programmer, mostly on UX and player vs player features.

The asynchronous dueling was an interesting mechanic, based on hit chance. I learned a lot about how biased players are when looking at odds for success.

The feeling of a 80% chance to win is emotionally very different from the actual odds.

I also worked in the sound implementation of the game, it had some interesting nuance. We separated the environment audio by prefab, and the closer you got to a saloon the louder the piano got compared to other sources. 

It's all very standard now, but it was a bit groundbreaking (and maybe overkill) for a facebook social game.