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Eve: War of Ascension


EVE: War of Ascension

2016 - 2018

War of Ascension is a massive multiplayer empire builder game set in the EvE universe.

I worked as a game designer.


Players are in charge of building and maintaining their own Space Station. They band together with other players inside Corporations to gain territory and resources while competing against enemy Corporations.

It is a game about tribal cooperation, long term personal progression, and group vs group competition.


The main progression of the game takes place in your Space Station, where you build and upgrade modules that handle the different systems in the game.

There are modules for technology research, resource production, ship building and repairs, etc.


Every player’s station takes a spot in a multiplayer Starmap, and players interact with locations and other players by sending fleets of ships that travel real-time and gather resources over time.


The Starmap is divided into outposts that can be taken over by Corporations. There are a limited number of them and are the main source of conflict between groups of players.

Having more territory means more resources and more tactical possibilities.


Information is a big part of the game’s combat system. Ships have damage types that can be good/bad against other ship’s health types. Scouting ahead and figuring out which ships to bring is an important part of optimal tactics.

The system was designed to discourage players from building equal amounts of each type and invalidate choice. Fleet have synergies, in which a fleet gets a bonus if all ships in it share a damage/health type.


All features were designed with group dynamics in mind. It should all be more enjoyable to do with your group, and create risk/conflict with enemy corporations.

A good example is Moon Mining. There are a limited number of moons in the Starmap. The more players in your corporation mine them, the more resources you get from them at the end of the operation. But Enemies could raid it at any point and steal those resources from your team.