designer, photographer, artist

Disco Blitz

Personal weekend project about surviving the zombie apocalypse


Disco blitz

Independent 2015

Disco Blitz is a fast-paced puzzle game in which you navigate through levels on a disco ball.

I designed, programmed and did all the visuals for the game alone.


The game is basically a re-imagining of the classic Nokia Snake game, but it takes place on a sphere, with different level mechanics.

Technically it’s not a sphere, it is impossible to map a perfect grid on a sphere. Similarly to Tetrisphere, It’s actually a plane projected on a sphere using a vertex shader.

As the snake is going out of the plane grid, I clone it on the other side of the map going in. There is a camera on each quadrant rendering all at once, which gives it the effect of a continuous sphere.


The design of the original game wouldn’t work on a sphere very well. It’s annoying to find the pellet and it’s very easy to entangle yourself without feeling like it was your fault.

So I changed the design to be more arcade-like and fast paced. I spawn several pellets near the head of the snake, and the goal is to grab them fast and keeping up a streak.

At a 10X streak, you go into rainbow mode, getting max score and going a bit faster.

I added three lives and destructible terrain, since losing everything with one mistake was not fun.


You get a 3-star rating based on how long the snake gets in each level (I balanced the thresholds manually). The metagame progression is a “saga” path, gated by a certain amount of stars, so you are expected to go back and replay levels with low star ratings.

Playing a level costs coins, which you get randomly in the level, or by watching an Ad.